Living in a small apartment has always been my dream, it’s a fun challenge to plan and decorate the little space. Even though there is no particular formula when it comes to designing a small home, there are few important tips to take ─ Painting walls in bright colors, utilizing under-bed space for storage, using multi-purpose furniture and installing mirrors to give illusion of a large area.

Here is the most ingenious one-bedroom apartment, which I saw during my visit to the Hotel Grand Mercure at Bangalore. The area must be around 600 sq. ft. only, but how beautifully the space has been utilized – you must see, enjoy and get inspired!

The apartment features a private bedroom with attached bathroom, living cum dining room, kitchenette and a small balcony. 1 bedroom apartment design

At the entrance, an office desk has been placed with a bench sitting beside it. The space below the bench has been utilized to place the shoe rack. This creates a little home-office area at the entrance, which also helps to complete or pick & drop work related items easily. 1 bedroom apartment design

On the left-hand side of the entrance, you will find the kitchen with the dining area. As the kitchen requires to store lot of stuffs, it is a good idea to include a large size cupboard. 1 bedroom apartment design

By giving a wooden deck for the living room, a separation has been created between living and dining area. This helps to define the two spaces, and eliminates the feeling that the sofa is right next to the dining table. 1 bedroom apartment design

Let’s enter the bedroom! A sliding door, helps define the transition between living room and bedroom. 1 bedroom apartment design

A cozy bedroom nook positioned near a window to let the sunlight soak into the room, instill positive energy and also spread some Vitamin-D — proof that you can have it all in just one room. 1 bedroom apartment design

A small balcony connected to the living room has large sliding doors. It’s a great idea for a small space, as the doors when open can create an illusion of larger space. It helps to accommodate more guests, especially during the party time. 1 bedroom apartment design

Small apartments are great for those who wish to live large with smaller square footage. You can dazzle the space with unique design. Finally, personalize the space in any way you can think of without overcrowding it.

Location Credit: Hotel Grand Mercure, Bangalore