Antiques lend a royal feeling to home décor and it can get quite tempting to turn your fragile finds into a lovely décor stroke. But just because you are an antique lover, you should not huddle all the decorative pieces together. Along with being fetish, it is equally important to have a proper aesthetic sense when dealing with antique home decor.

In this article, I shall provide you the tips that will help you to do up your own pad with antiques. And the illustration couldn’t get better, as I have found the finest space to showcase – A living area of a Villa near Mumbai, designed by ‘The Raj Company’. They are pioneers in producing colonial home furniture and have enviable selection of antique products. From British Colonial, Dutch, French to Indian ancient furniture, they have it all! That’s not all, they can even reproduce any design – all you have to do is just provide a reference image and their fine craftsmen, will take care of the rest.

Well, with that good news let’s begin with the Basic Rule: Antiques are quite heavy decor items, so sticking to the basics like a mirror, table or a wall hanging can add a lot to the décor. 

antique decor stores India

View of Living Room from the Patio

Create a focal point: One can always overdo with antiques and create clutter. So an easy way to avoid unnecessary clutter is to buy one item that acts as a focal point — for example a king-size mirror. You can use this as a centre piece to decorate your house and select rest of the items around it. Remember a focal point always helps you to create design boundaries. antique decor stores India

Get practical:  When investing in something old, always ensure it also meets your daily-use purpose, especially if the space is small — for example, a vintage sofa. In the design shown below, each furniture has their share of patterns, colors and cultural appeal that will reflect with every homeowner differently. You have to decide what features you enjoy, that not only fits your design style but also serves the functional purpose.

antique decor stores India

Antique Anglo Indian day bed, pillars, carved panel, tribal figures, and sunburst stool

Buy in symmetry: When in doubt, weather to go with rich look or keep it subtle, decorate the house in symmetry. It adds comforting balance and creates an even-looking space. For example, decorate the place with a pair of antique chairs or altars on the wall.

antique decor stores India

Antique Dutch colonial rosewood opium bed with Indo-Portuguese campaign chairs, altars and footstool

Think out-of-the box: Don’t turn your back on an old antique piece that you have picked up randomly or the one catching dust at your grandma’s place. Any antique piece can breathe so much life to your décor with a little creativity. Take a look at the below idea, which has left me swayed. The design firm has brilliantly converted an old haveli balcony into a seating area, by just inverting it!

antique decor stores India

Antique balconies inverted for use as sofas

As long as the passionate firms like ‘The Raj Company’ continue to restore and reproduce nostalgic looks, we can continue to flaunt our love for timeless styles, which speaks volumes of our glorious era. Contact:

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