The common saying is that ‘a mud house needs a good boot and a tall hat,’” which means, A good foundation and a roof at a greater height can make the mud house last for thousand years. The Avani family known for their eco-friendly retreats conceived the project called BaevuHalli, nestled in the outskirts of Bangalore. Based on the concept of Village Homes, Baevu is a mud home built using locally sourced materials, by local artisans – with tiled roofs and windows opening into stunning views of sun-kissed hills. The property is built to provide comfort without compromising on the authenticity. The Avani Family says, “We believe in going back to roots. Each Avani destination is thoughtfully built using indigenous materials and techniques, complementing its natural surroundings”. avani

granny chic decor

When was the last time you saw rope chairs? These folk classics are the perfect example of the groovy vintage design — an outdated object reworked in an attractive way.

granny chic decor

Living Room: A simple rustic look is achieved using black kadappa tiles on the floor, reinstated mini courtyard and completed the look with rope chair furnishings. Typically striped vintage rug on the floor is a great way to bring some color into your room without a major commitment.

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indian vintage bedroom design

granny chic decor

Bathroom: Haul out your grandma’s house for vintage taps and buckets – they are in trend again. But use them along with modern amenities, it gives a vintage feel to the bathroom. My favorite from this home tour is this bathroom design – the mustard yellow paint on half the wall is making space feel new, fresh and fun!


bangalore weekend getaway Location: Baevu – The Village Home, Bangalore.

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