Rosie Cornwallis, a descendant of Lord Cornwallis who was the governor general of India in the 18th Century. She holds great love for Indian Art and takes special interest in promoting handmade work of local tribes. In 1997, Rosie visited Udaipur and completely fell in love with the vibrant city, its people and culture. Ever since she decided to make India her home, and bought herself a cozy little den at Udaipur, Rajasthan, which now functions as a favourite homestay for tourists called Rosie’s Retreat Homestay.

At a first glance, my eyes caught her unique sense of décor style – the way she has mixed Indian traditional art with the boho theme, creating a warm, welcoming and special atmosphere at home. I loved her taste for colors, textures and art pieces. Let us walk-through her bohemian house,

Living Room: A colourful and eclectic collection of ornaments forms the basis of this bohemian living room. From a bold rug to patterned windows, make this room burst with characters. rosie's retreat homestay boho room decor

The collage of framed Indian Goddesses on the wall adds to the quirky, eclectic feel.

Bedroom: For Rosie, the bedroom has been an artwork in itself, she has put some thought into what would make one spend time in it. The green marble backdrop in coalition with the exotic bed, lights up the room.  boho room decor

Open Terrace: On the terrace balcony, she has mixed intense colours and pattern, with piles of cushions for the seating area. Bright colorful throw pillows are great accents in any decor but here the mirror work on the textile, which is so very Indian, is going well with the atmosphere of the boho theme. boho room decor

rosie's retreat homestay Bohemian interiors are all about the exquisite luxury that makes home decor truly unique and intimate. Rosie has done a stellar job of combining bright colours and bold textures to create interiors full of personality.

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