Nestled in the suburbs of Mumbai, is the home of a young couple, whose 2-bedroom apartment was designed by ‘The White Room’ – an interior design studio run by Nitin & Disney. The duo designers draw inspiration from the works of architect Antoni Gaudi of 18th century and believe in enhancing the earthy elements in more natural way possible yet being modernist.

Using organic approach they made the apartment look like a cave dwelling – Rustic wooden furniture’s, ceilings cut away in random patterns, shelves are made to appear as if pushed forth from natural rock (my favourite part of the design) and completing it all with modern automation amenities like mood-lighting, projector screens and security system. All in just 700 Sqft of space!

Right from the entrance of the house, they have ignored 90 degree angles and straight walls, instead have made cool cave walls appear throughout. As you enter, you will notice that the spaces flow seamlessly into each other giving the feel of a sculpted Greek Cavern. Cave House Cave House Rugged nature of natural rock used for dining and the kitchen bar stools are the show-stoppers of the space. Further, the light flair of marble flooring punched with brass strips is enhancing the organic appeal of the elements around. cave house cave house I liked the way limestone is cladding on the wall and use of minimal decor accents is definitely making the space free from jazzy ornamentation and keeping it more rustic. cave house The living area connects to the master suite, bathrooms and walk-in wardrobe area through arched openings. This side of the space is so enriched with organic shapes and forms; it clearly resonates designers love for earthy elements. From the shell-shaped water tap, myriad shapes of mirrors to the accent mosaic tiles adorning the entire bathroom are something one should take a closer look. Space undoubtedly offers bountiful of sources for design inspiration. cave house cave house cave house cave house In the designers own words: “We follow organic style of architecture, which is not so common among practicing architects in our country. Our projects include residences closer to nature and we strive to make a home feel like a home, that houses mystery and history”.

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