Apartments are sprouting in large numbers, where families have little say in the structural design of the building. Unlike an independent home, they come with a lot of design limitations. To stand out in this concrete jungle and bring out your individual style, one must think of out-of-the-box. And, that’s exactly what my friend Shwetha, did! Despite all the short-comes, she dared to bring-in the thotti-mane concept (south Indian courtyard style) into her apartment. Yes, you heard it right – an apartment with a feel of a courtyard!

Shwetha is an IT professional, a self-taught painter and a passionate decor enthusiast, who doesn’t shy away to stand and endlessly stare at a beautiful home. She also enjoys cooking, lounging at home with loved ones and travelling. She has drawn a lot of design inspiration from her trips to off-beaten paths. Of all, having an open courtyard was her deepest desire and her 930sqft apartment did not limit her imagination.  She says, “To have a courtyard, open to the sky may not be possible in an apartment, but a ‘Courtyard’ is definitely possible. I wanted to feel the smell of wood and ancient touch those wooden pillars expel – these are something I did not want to miss”. She sketched designs for her home by creating a base first with rustic colors and texture and then added colors to the whole décor.

After having seen her home, I can definitely say her design aesthetics revealed itself the moment I stepped into the house. From an antique door with intricate carvings, rustic wooden furnishings, sculpted pillars, mural paintings and the most fabulous view from the gallery – all put together so beautifully it filled my aesthetic soul with joy. I could go on and on about how effortlessly she has brought in the courtyard charm into her 2BHK apartment or I could do better and share these images with you. chettinad houses This eye catching antique door is 85years old, whose external sheen was lost with time but not its charm. Shwetha worked with an expert and got the piece carefully restored without harming the original work. She says, “After a hard day’s work, when I get back home and look at my door, it welcomes me wholeheartedly, instantly elevating my mood for better”. chettinad houses chettinadu courtyard apartment

chettinadu courtyard apartment

I totally love that red-oxide seating area, it brings the old world charm. Shwetha believes, we can treasure ancient designs by allowing tradition to coexist with modernity.

Dining space has been beautifully utilized to create the courtyard, with Chettinad Wooden Pillars. chettinadu courtyard apartment dharohar bedroom Before I call it a wrap, here is a piece of decor advice from Shwetha, “Doing up a home is like building a relationship, even little things matter. To begin with, start working on a concept and nothing in silo and remember to keep the overall decor minimalist, it may be the arrangements in your kitchen, lampshades or the furniture. When everything comes together it feels beautiful”.

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