The traditional Indian courtyard is built on the principles of Vastu Shastra, which states that all spaces emerge from the centre of the house, which has divine power and positive energy radiating through the entire house. Courtyard works well with any style of home, from modern to classical. It also acts as a fun nook, while serving as a natural climate modifier. These are excellent examples of sustainability in the hot and dry climate, which was developed when the concept of air-conditioning did not exist – it all depended on the sheer magic of architectural concepts.

Why have we forgotten to incorporate this marvel in our current house plans? The answer we mostly hear is – Space Constraint! …. While pondering for a near solution, I came across a home located in the coastal region of Karnataka, which has a beautiful internal courtyard with a notable difference. I feel this will definitely leave us with an idea to think of ways to incorporate a little courtyard in our modern plan.

1st, it shows that the SIZE of the courtyard need not be as large as those of traditional ones. You can build a small courtyard based on your house plan and include a beautiful garden with a seating area, where you can sit and let your thoughts float into the cloud.

2nd, I liked the modern twist they have given to let the rain-water flow freely inside the courtyard. A cone shaped glass covering the open ceiling, beautifully creates the waterfall inside the house, completely transforming the space with each passing hour of the day…  courtyard design ideas courtyard design ideas courtyard design ideas courtyard design ideas courtyard design ideas ajjanamane ajjanamane I personally thank AjjanaMane’ Homestay, for sharing with us this beautiful design idea. And now it’s all up there for us to take a clue and create our own private space for relaxation!

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