For every girl, a bedroom is more than just a place to sleep. We relax, work, study, dress up and even party (those girls night-out, pyjama parties), resulting into a mess and keeping it neat all the time may be daunting. But having a clean and organized bedroom will help you track things easily when needed.

So here are the decor items for bedroom designed by Decography, have a look:

Wicket Window:  Keeps your accessories organized and handy. Hang up your earrings, chains, neck pieces, sunglasses, hair clips on the wicket window and place it near the dressing table, so that you never miss to look fabulous with your add-ons. [ Buy Here ] Image source -, decor items for bedroom

Desk Organizer: A perfect way to organize and display your phone, store your keys and curl your chargers. They are just designed to “Sort Your Life”!  [Buy Here] Image source -, decor items for bedroom
Peek-a-boo Frame: No more folding and stacking your 1st movie date or honeymoon tickets or the selfies with your besties, you can now stick them up in the Peek-a-boo frame. The frame opens up fully with the help of the lock, thus making it super easy to change your images as & when you wish. [Buy Here] Image source -, decor items for bedroom

Watch Box: You can display your watches in all their glory! The box offers two levels of storage (12 pieces) and with trendy prints as your backdrop, who wouldn’t want to showoff?  [Buy Here] Image source -, decor items for bedroom

Mood Frame:  Doodle a message to kick start your day with a positive note or list out the important tasks, never to miss one. [ Buy Here ] Image source -, decor items for bedroom

All these products come in vibrant colors, go on and select a color scheme that suits your room and get organizing your personal space which you will surely fall in love.