Painting as an art form been an integral part of Indian Heritage. They flourished until 18th century and perished away with time. May be it is nearly impossible for us to bring back that lost glory, but we can definitely infuse old world charm into our modern décor, by taking inspiration from the glorious remnants.

I have put my best foot forward to assimilate simple wall-paintings, inspired by rural Indian designs. They are so easy that we can do it just over a weekend or even involve your kid’s to foster their creativity.  So roll up your sleeves to add Indian ethnicity to your shelter with these easy wall-décor DIY projects. And the best part? You can execute these projects even with zero drawing skills.

Things you need: Latex paint, brush, drawing paper cut-outs, scale and pencil.

Steps to follow: Prepare the accent wall by dusting it, using a sponge. Then take the printout of the design, cut it to the shape of the design and trace it OR you can even use projector to display the design on the wall & trace it, using a pencil. Finally, paint it and bask in the glory of your masterpiece!

Now, quickly pick up the DIY project that best suits your home-décor and breathe some new life into your space.

1: Mehndi Mango Motifs, forms the heart of every mehndi design. For a change paint these designs on the wall, and not to forget paint them with the color that matches your furnishings. rajasthani wall painting

2: Rangoli Wall-Art, adorn your wall with traditional art form of India, prevailing since centuries. Best suits on a dark color wall, while the design is painted in white. wall art

3: Colourful straight lines! Yes, you heard it right. Draw 2 bright coloured lines (parallel to each other and 1cm apart) around the border of doors and windows and see how these simple lines transforms your space. diy wall art india

These artworks are a contemporary depiction of rural India, which only needs a discerning eye to imbibe. Do let us know how you (and your children) enjoyed doing these fun and simple DIY projects.

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