What is Eclectic Interior Design? Well, it’s a mad mix of everything and anything you like! The first rule of eclectic style is that, ‘there are no rules’ – you can place antiques with sleek modern pieces, brilliant colors with muted ones, mix unique décor items with unexpected, and celebrates the art of surprise.

Of course, a lot of thoughts and creativity is necessary in order to make the eclectic design look great and at the same time logically interconnected. If you are still wondering how, a look into Windya’s home will give you a clear idea about eclectic style. Before we enter, let us hear few words from her, “I am Windya Wardhani, and you can simply call me Inda. I live in a beautiful city named Bandung, Indonesia. I am a local government employee. I have a strong passion towards home décor and apply it in my own home. I get attracted to all kinds of décor items – paintings, wall-arts, textiles, rugs, cushion covers, furniture’s etc. Be it antique or modern, as long as the design is unique and the material is easy-to-clean, I am so easy to fall in love with them. I collect décor pieces from everywhere I travel and thoughtfully connected these elements into my home design and calls it the Inda’s Style”, she quips.

Living Room: At a first glance this living area could have looked like a garage sale gone mad to those who aren’t used to riot of colors, but peek closer and you’ll see how well Inda has balanced it all. Dramatic wall arts hold their own identity along with the colourful sofa, and the little garden space add just enough presence without fighting for the spotlight. Despite the tumble of artwork and accessories, there’s nothing gaudy about this space. Well that’s eclectic for you!
Inda eclectic style Inda eclectic style Inda eclectic style Inda eclectic style Inda eclectic style

Kitchen cum Dining room: This area weaves all the bright elements together and gives a subtle shine to the space. From the table to the frames to the kitchen cabinet – all the bright coloured elements look in sync, because of the wall paints which are neutral in color i.e. grey and off-white. Remember that in eclectic style, it is necessary to keep some portion of the space in neutral shades to bring the entire look in harmony and avoid the chaotic look. Inda eclectic style Inda eclectic style Bedroom: Nearly every surface in the bedroom brings something different to the party: Wall frames, geometric floor rug, lush upholstery fabrics and sleek desks. Blend of textural elements with geometric frames makes the space appealing to our senses and resonate on a visceral level. Inda eclectic style eclectic style home design

In the end, Inda says, “Decorating my home acts as a best therapy to relax my nerves after crazy office commitments”. All-in-all, Eclectic style invites you to fill a space with décor stuffs you love and unique finds that strike your fancy. Just that you need to be careful not to trip over the thin line between contrast and chaos.

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