Trend keeps changing every season, but the Ethnic Décor never goes out of date. Once you decide on the theme there are several ways you can find to implement the design. In this post I shall show you how you can bring in the mysticism of India into your bedroom, while keeping the décor simple and elegant.

Lets take black & white theme, a color combination which expresses elegance and refinement. When decorating a home with combination of black & white colors, adding any other element like an accent color or a statement furnishing will instantly add sophistication to your design. Here we will see how we can minimally give an Indian ethnic touch to the black and white theme:

1st, choose large areas of the room to accentuate black and white tones, such as walls and flooring. Keep the walls in plain white and give the flooring a black tone. Black Cuddapah tiles can be used which not only goes with the theme but also brings the old Indian look. They are economical and durable too. Indian Ethnic Bedroom Design Indian Ethnic Bedroom Design

2nd, make all the furnishings using dark wood – cot, bed side stands, seating area and the wardrobes. Furniture can display a certain ethnic traits, like a set of chairs and table which has fine carvings bring the presence of ethnic nuances to your decor. Indian Ethnic Bedroom Design

3rd, Very interesting aspect and a unique idea to observe here is the border of the walls ceiling. Black and white wooden log has been fixed as the border separating the ceiling and the vertical walls, and a wall decal with fine art depicting Indian mythology is stuck around the white log, which is actually the highlight of the whole design. This idea has instantly transformed the simple black and white room to an elegant ethnic bedroom. Indian Ethnic Bedroom Design Indian Ethnic Bedroom Design

4th, I love the way the black door is framed along the white walls, they have picked up other black accents in the room making the space feel more cohesive. Indian Ethnic Bedroom Design

5th, Take the striking theme to the bathroom as well. The walls of the bathroom is done using white tiles and the borders of each tile is delicately finished with black cement. Carefully choose rest of the bathroom accessories to go along with the theme but don’t overdo it because it’s necessary to balance between the black and white tones in creating the perfect look. Indian Ethnic Bedroom Design

Location Credit: Liwa Boutique Hotel, Bangalore.