Indian Handmade Crafts


Haaaaave you met Pandu?!

‘Pandu’ is the signature avatar of the brand Sparkle! He is the tribute to every common man in India. Pandu the naariyalwaala, Pandu the Panwala, Pandu the mechanic, Pandu the tailor, Pandu the jilebiwala are all a few avatars of Pandu. He is becoming larger than the brand itself. The character unfolds world of stories that every layman contains within himself – people fighting their own battles, people doing thankless jobs, and those who find immense joy in helping others every day.

StyleNob was fortunate enough to find a lady who has been swimming against the drift, with unbelievably immense patience as her virtue, Sowmya who is the creator of the avatar PANDU under her product line called ‘Sparkle’. There are typewriters, autos, lorries and trucks, exotic masks, jewelry containers, lamps, pen stands among several other products that are made out of sheer vibrant paper. Although handmade, the finishing is impeccable, flawless and original.


Behind the Scene:
Sowmya quit her job to pursue her deep desire of creating art and started Sparkle. She is backed up with an artist, someone who plays around with colours with utmost passion and diligence. Sowmya says that there have been times when a single art piece has taken several days. Hence they work at a smooth pace, only to attain perfection. Time, which could be a challenge, has been efficiently utilized by these entrepreneurs to meet the deadlines, for that niche crowd which appreciates original handmade art.

Though ‘Sparkle’ gets immense admiration at the exhibitions, Sowmya modestly acknowledges other artists, “It is all about appreciating good work. Apart from the professional part of it, all work of art have their own inspiration and rewards endearingly bundled up with them. It is just about looking beyond what meets the eye and savoring every bit of emotion, value and hardwork that has gone into it”, says the philosophical artist. Maybe it is this virtue that translates itself into beauty in their products, we strongly feel.

Our Favorite

Old Charm of India gets Life!
One of the most inspiring fact and perhaps what makes Sparkle one of its kind is the creator’s genuine desire to bring out the Indian-ness to their work.

  • Pandu is set in various Indian working environments
  • The clothesline gift article has Indian wear hanging from a string tied to two poles
  • The lorries and trucks are as colourful as ever just like they are on our own streets
  • The keychain holders are shaped in the form of an Indian male’s footwear, and the masks are intensely evocative.

Sowmya beams with an infectious smile while saying that they would try their best not only to cater to the orders in time and with perfection, but also to make their products spread more smiles and carry the message of the forgotten divinity and rapture all around us every day, all day.

John Keats’ thought quietly meets reality. The whole idea of gifting seems to have been redefined, something that goes beyond the ordinary, beyond the mundane. It’s now a thing of beauty spreading joy forever!