When it comes to bedroom décor, everybody requires a little extra, especially those who return home late from a hard day’s work. Vintage is the trend this season, and if you are keen on doing up your bedroom, then here are 4 exquisite designs hand-picked just for you!

This beautiful south Indian bedroom design is sure to steal your breath away. Using the floor as the primary canvas, right from the bed to a mini study table (can double up as a laptop table), everything is placed directly on the floor. Simplicity is personified in terms of the décor as there are minimal pieces in the room, with a cascading wooden roof completing the style. 76668_163673540322071_6166359_n

If you are a traditionalist at heart, then you will instantly fall in love with this half wall painted with red-oxide, making an elegant extension to the floor. The richness of the lower wall is well complemented by a hand painted wall art, that sits pretty above the headboard. A carpet with traditional design at the base of the bed adds the right hint of class and completes the vintage look for this bedroom. indian vintage bedroom design

Those who are keen to turn their bedroom into a royal haven should go for a four poster bed with intricate design work and a rich headboard. It’s reminiscent of a royal era. The minimal décor in the room accentuates the beauty of the bed and is everything you will need to complete the look. indian vintage bedroom design

Beauty lies in the simplicity, which is justified by the plain white walls of this bedroom. This design feature helps to focus on the various elements of the room, such as the rustic trunk, delicate hand weaved linen, rope side tables and the chunky switchboard of the 50’s era. Why color the wall when there is so much around to look for! indian vintage bedroom design

As you can see, vintage décor is an exquisite style statement in itself, and a trend that is here to stay!

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