Architect Gaurav Roy Choudhury who heads a young design firm called GRCA in Bangalore, believes in storytelling through his designs that create compelling experiences and build human connections. He has a penchant to pick clues from said to unsaid leaving his clientele in awe and the rest of us for more inspiration.

When a young couple form Bangalore approached Gaurav to renovate their 2600sqft duplex apartment, as a first step Gaurav captured various moods of the house members: their passion, experiences, likes and rituals to bind them into a design that brings all the elements into life.

The key of the design are the Wall Frames which take three dimensional forms connecting every space of the house facilitating for an easy dialogue between all the members of the family. These frames give an illusion of larger space which almost makes an apartment look like an individual villa, making the whole structure larger than life, which is why Architect Gaurav calls it a FRAME HOUSE.

The house has two entrances, one main entrance and the other from the parking basement.  As you enter the house, you encounter a staircase which has been taken over a raised courtyard to create an intermediate level of experience between lower and upper levels.  interior designer architect bangalore

The dining room acts as a main frame of the structure which has a double height ceiling that converges rest of the rooms seamlessly. The living room and the kitchen area becomes the peripheral frames of the main frame and settle down with their own narratives. interior designer architect bangalore

interior designer architect bangalore The upper floor comprises of 2 bedrooms which are connected by a passage. The space in the passage has been utilized as an AV room with a movable enclosure. Interestingly Gaurav has installed an eye catchy painting on the enclosure which infuses quirkiness to the whole decor. It’s a visual retreat! interior designer architect bangalore interior designer architect bangalore

Another innovative idea can be seen in the Kids Bedroom, the wall that overlooks the dining space is cut into multiple frames and sealed with glass. From outside it makes the room look large and open but from inside its been taken care to give much needed privacy while still being functional: lower frame acts as a play area and the upper one as a study space.

interior designer architect bangalore Architect Gaurav’s ability to conceptualize geometric shapes into spectacular design compositions is commendable, which literally gets people to stop and notice which would otherwise go ignored.

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