Are you longing to decorate your home with soft shades? You’re in luck! Let me introduce you to OLIE, a home décor brand which offers a range of cushion covers, table linen, storage and lighting. Each piece entirely handmade by their artisans, with a unique blend of hand-printed textiles and hand-woven banana fibre. The label OLIE (which means ‘Light’ in Tamil) is the reflection of simpler lifestyle that fuels your life’s passions and inspires you to dream big.

Olie’s collection pours the spotlight on spaces that utilize pastels in unique ways. Whether you offset gentle shades with clean white, combine them with bright colors or go subtle with a touch of pastel hues, you’re sure to have a winning interior! Check out the designs below and see which ones inspire you to decorate your space with OLIE products:

We begin pairing pastel with eye popping color to add soothing effect to the space. Here, light blue olie cushions does the job of breaking the bold tone of velvety accent sofa with warmth and softness. image credit: olie , pastel colors home decor

Another approach is keeping the whole decor subtle. Below we see a dining room with light green & orange pastels olie lamp and matching table mats, against all white background, The result: undoubtedly giving the room a modern look without going overboard. image credit: olie , pastel colors home decor

You don’t have to limit yourself to one color palette. The important thing is to maintain a consistent feeling throughout the home, be it inside or outdoor. Note how different shades of olie large pillow covers are mixed up yet blending in their finest form. image credit: olie , pastel colors home decor

Combining grey with pastels creates a contemporary look that is sleek and playful. That’s exactly ‘rain dancing’ olie cushion collection has achieved, combine them with bright walls or head boards to create a restful mood. image credit: olie , pastel colors home decor