My obsession with rustic designs has always been bare and basic, which took a new turn when I came across a Cottage, located at Chikmagalur. The interior of the space is all white in the background punctuated with pops of color, but what kept me hooked was the way the rustic touch was given to the décor. It’s that touch which makes the whole interior design stand apart!

I had a quick chat with Ganga Prabhakar, the owner of the cottage (The Sattva Nature Retreat, Chikmagalur) and interestingly she has designed the space all by herself. She says, “To bring the earthiness I chose White, Green, and Grey as the base color palette; Used décor accessories like lamp shades, cushions to splash some colors; And all the furnishings are custom-made & hand-painted to give the rustic feel”.

We generally have the tendency to fill up space with a lot of décor items. In such-a-case, I must appreciate Ganga for keeping her large area so spare, yet manage to bring out the prettiness. The trick lies in what areas you highlight and how you do it. Let’s take a look at these images of the cottage and I am sure by the end of it even you will be able to create an airy, cheerful space. sattva retreat sattva retreat Lamps at the entrance add warmness and you can see how the colorful design of the glass is adding life to the plain background. Also, take a closer look at the wall texture – the natural form of bricks is exposed through transparent whitewash, while blending with the white décor.  White Rustic Patio with Pop of Color

Give a twist to your neutral base. Add some zing with bold-hued cushions but keep the furnishings close to your base color scheme, here it is white. However, to keep your color pop from popping too hard, the best bet is to use toned-down versions of hues on fabrics and accents throughout the space. White Rustic Patio with Pop of Color sattva retreat sattva retreat sattva retreat sattva retreat

Take-Away: Undoubtedly, it has to be the thin white-wash on the exposed brick wall. It not only blends with the base color but also adds the rustic feel to the neutral background.

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