In home décor, flooring is one of the most understated design element and almost never receives the justice it deserves. But the fact is that right flooring design can change the look of the entire room – a little imagination mixed with creativity can make the room go from drab to glam!

Gone are the days, when bedroom décor was all about arranging it with pillows and curtains. Today, with so many beautiful flooring designs you can get inventive and transform your sleeping quarters. Classic heritage medley to checkered chess pattern, and from soothing floral colors to brass strips, options are varied and wide.

This flooring design features a unique pattern inspired by heritage prints. And it rightly gets the name – Medley! Though there are so many different design prints, they all synchronize perfectly together making a beautiful visual retreat. Not to detract the attention from the floor, rest of the room décor has been kept minimal. rustic bedroom designs vintage floorings

If extreme simplicity is your idea of decor, this white and brown bedroom will fit your bill. From flooring to furnishing, the design emphasizes on just two colors – white king-size tiles with brass strips smoothly blends with the rustic brown room furnishings, creating a calm and elegant ambiance. rustic bedroom designs vintage floorings

Ditch the carpet – smooth surface of the yellow heritage tiles on the flooring enhances any design created over it and emits a polished look. Here the artwork done at the carpet area is endearing. The bright color of the flooring anchors the plain décor making it a vibrant space. rustic bedroom vintage floorings

The mere beauty of this unique vertical column flooring is reason enough to incorporate it into your bedroom design. Buttercup yellow and sea blue tiles that run through the columns bring a whimsical, youthful look to the room. To complement to its aura, the room is decorated with distressed furniture – that rustic elegance can’t be duplicated with any other natural material. rustic bedroom vintage floorings

This bedroom design is one for the elegant lady with a twist. The confluence of old and new elements, making it perfect for a girly girl. The bare brick white wall is contrasted by the 3D pattern on the floor. The rustic headboard gives way to a beautiful painting showcasing a tribal woman. The color scheme used in the room makes for a soothing sight. rustic bedroom vintage floorings

The chess patterned flooring adds dimension and style to this minimalist neutral bedroom. The grid flooring echoes in contrast with the wooden ceiling, while the simple white theme in the rest of the décor incorporates a touch of softness to space. A captivating rustic brass bathtub eliminates the need for any other décor accessories in the room. rustic bedroom designs vintage floorings

Now you may agree that you can use the floor to complement and enhance the overall appearance of your bedroom. It helps to integrate the room décor so seamlessly that you may need not invest much in decorating the rest of the room.

The flooring designs are conceptualized and executed by Bharat Floorings & Tiles (Mumbai) Pvt. Ltd – a leader in quality cement floorings whose reputation is held for over 90 years. For more details about their products and services, contact HERE.

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