When I was browsing Indian decor images on Pinterest, the image of the vintage entrance of this house caught my attention. It was undoubtedly the most trending one. I thought to myself if the entrance could be this beautiful how must be the entire house or a villa. I was curious and when I reached the designers, I was surprised to learn that it is a little apartment of just 950sqft!

And how beautifully it is designed by team ZERO9, is something you must see to believe. The design firm Zero9 is run by the duo Anu Chauhan and Prashant Chauhan. Taking a clue from the client’s current lifestyle, the apartment has been styled like an urban rustic retreat. The living room opens up with a welcoming vintage statue and the rough plastered walls act as a perfect back drop for wooden shelves, carved murals to complete the story. The whole space is undeniably charming, it’s a kind of a place you want to spend the whole day inside! zero9 zero9 zero9 The ‘Parsi Style’ wooden seating, brings an old world charm to space, forming a perfect spot for reading. This definitely goes on our list of favourite nook. zero9 For Wall Decor, look for items that have interesting shapes and can scale with the rest of the display. zero9 zero9 Let a vintage cabinet steal the show by mounting it in a corner that’s more visible from outside the kitchen. It creates a drool-worthy focal point. urban rustic apartment zero9 Copyright of all the images lies with the owner Zero9 Team, Sebastian Zachariah, Rashmi Mallaya. Kindly do not reuse without prior consent.