The artistry of bygone eras never goes out of style. Adding a vintage object into your home is a simple way to spruce up elegance of the space. The best part of bringing vintage-flair to your home is that you don’t need a large furniture piece to make a statement: little home decor items like trinket boxes, or idols can add that unique edge – the versatile nature of vintage items can give any modern room a classic twist.

Take this simple approach to vintage decor – Start with your living room, where many decorative styles come together. For example, group all vintage accessories as a display on a coffee table. Utilize a coffee table tray to keep your items together for both style and function. OR, choose a wall corner to hang vintage items beautifully framed. Think out of the box and bring some antique moments into your home.

To achieve the desired look, we have picked 5 vintage décor products from The Indian Weave – a label founded in collaboration with India’s finest artisans. Each item in the shop is thoughtfully curated, responsibly sourced from the artisans themselves and made with love in India. The Founders, Puneet & Jean Roy say, “With a passion for textures and great craftsmanship, our vision is to bring lesser known Indian crafts to the forefront by curating a collection of well crafted, beautifully designed lifestyle and home accessories that stand out and capture the heart, color and life of our country”.

Exquisite Vintage Brass Temple Frame or Prabhavali With The Mythical Yali & Lord Krishna

Heritage Decorative Coal Iron Embedded with Coloured Stones

Handcrafted Brass Peacock Incense Burner On a 3 legged Tortoise Stand.

And, Our Favorite Pick – Pair Of Framed Hand Crafted Wooden Printing Blocks!

Vintage Decor Item

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